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Center for Disability Services

The Center for Disability Services aims to improve the quality of life for persons with cerebral palsy and other disabilities. CDS provides support and direct services to individuals and families impacted by the challenges of developmental disabilities, in addition to promoting community awareness and advocating for issues pertaining to those with developmental disabilities.

CDS was founded in 1955 as a school serving children with cerebral palsy. Over the years, CDS’ programs and services have expanded to serve individuals with severe, multiple disabilities including intellectual disability, epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, autism and other developmental disabilities. CDS provides services in a seven county area including Will, Kankakee, Grundy, Kendall, LaSalle, Ford, and Iroqouis.

A Thanksgiving message from Randy Chapman

Dear Friends of CDS:

There’s a chill in the air. Everyone is enjoying pumpkin-flavored this-and-that or hot cider or marshmallow-ey hot cocoa. Very soon we turn our thoughts to Thanksgiving. A festive table laden with the traditional feast, family and friends gathered as if in a Norman Rockwell painting.

I assure you that my Thanksgiving prayer will be heartfelt, in deep appreciation for the role I was given in April this year. These past eight months as president and CEO of Center for Disability Services (CDS) have been very gratifying.

Every day has been one of Servant Leadership for me, knowing that the tasks performed by dedicated and caring CDS professionals make a positive difference in the lives of each individual served at the Center for Disability Services.  As I write, I think of:

  • Ruthie who comes to my office from her Adult Developmental Training classroom and urges me to peel paper off bits of crayon so she can color a picture for me. At home, Ruthie is eager to fold laundry every morning.
  • I smile and sense excitement when I see Robbie and Josh and Jose  – along with other teens – exercise along the hallways and in the gymnasium with their dedicated teachers and therapists.
  • I peek into the classroom of our youngest students and then spy four-year-old Alexa in her bright red glasses, all a-smile, working hard with her teacher on mastering adaptive skills goals.

And it is not only these and all individuals we serve at CDS every day . . . it also is the parents and the guardians I encounter when they come to drop off or collect their children. They tell me they are oh-so-very grateful for what CDS offers, how their loved ones are thriving at CDS.

Randy Chapman, President & CEO


My Thanksgiving prayer will include deep appreciation for all who have supported the Center for Disability Services over past years. Truly, CDS is blessed . . . and all here are THANKFUL for YOU who render through gifts and donations our ability to advance the independence of persons with disabilities.

CDS is in for the long haul. Our more than 62 years of service to an eight-county area bespeaks our commitment and dedication. To sustain our promise to all levels of the developmentally disabled – from age 3 to those living as seniors – we seek essential wherewithal, more than state funding provides.

I know that many donors want to know exactly how contributions make a difference. I myself want to know how my donation makes a difference. For that reason, I am providing a series of examples to illustrate how your year-end donation is invested in what matters most.

Yes, this is THE SEASON OF PROMISE . . . please promise all of us at CDS that you thoughtfully will consider a donation as generous as able yet this year. Your tax-deductible donation by year-end truly permits us to act assertively on the promise of continued service to those who need what CDS offers every day.

How YOUR year-end gift can

generate a meaningful difference during


Monthly Re-Occurring Donations

provide stability during unstable State funding!



Provides for two sessions of physical or occupational therapy for a person with developmental disabilities


Provides transportation for an outing of clients to a community event


Provides for the purchase of supplies for arts and crafts classes


$1,000 One Time Donation

Provides 96 hours of in-home respite care

$500 One Time Donation

Provides for the purchase of new Life Skills educational curricula and materials

$250 One Time Donation

Provides for the purchase of two sensory devices for adult developmental training

$100 One Time Donation

Provides for the purchase of adaptive cooking utensils for the developmental training and life skills kitchen

         From ALL of us at CDS . . . have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

Advancing the Independence of People with Disabilities

Dear Friends of the Center for Disability Services:

To assure that children, adolescents and adults like Ruthie, Robbie, Josh, Jose and Alexa continue to thrive and achieve their personal best, please consider a re-occurring monthly gift.

To enroll, please click on the link above. For more information about CDS and its programs, please contact Gina Wysocki, CDS Development Coordinator, at 815-744-3500, ext. 220, or email to

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